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  • Noah Harrison is a poet, a guitarist, and a vocalist. His freshman release clearly demonstrates his talent as a writer and a performer. Read our review of his first release "songs for a long night" here.
  • If you are a football fan, you might be very familiar with Ian Allen for his prowess as a player. You migh not be aware of his genius as a musician. You can read my review of his first release "Nova's Lounge" here.
  • You have heard of Alt Country, Rock, Blues, and Folk, but have you heard of the genre "Scotlana"? Musician Brian McDade is a terrific musician who has combined all of the above mentioned musical categories with his own style to create what he calls, "Scotlana". You can read my review of his new release "Love Bayou" here.
  • Are you in love with the Cadillac automobile? You might fall in love with the Caddy after hearing an amazing CD dedicated to this fine car. 95 North Records has released a tribute to the Cadillac by 21 different artists entitled, "Fins, Chrome and the Open Road". You can read my take on this entertaining collection of songs here.
  • Amazing guitarist Dave Isaacs has released an instrumental CD entitled "Flying". Dave's guitar work is always exciting and performed with precision. You can read my review here.
  • Unfortunate news... Big Al Downing has passed away. Read more here.
  • Newcomer Mica Lee Williams has just released "Lucid Dreaming High". This debut CD is well recorded and superb listening. Read a review and meet Mica Lee here.
  • Tom Gillam has released another terrific CD entitled "Shake My Hand". From well written songs to spine tingling slide guitar work, you will enjoy this one from first note to last. Read my review here.
  • Jeffrey Halford and the Healers are back! Their brand new release, "Railbirds", is not only exciting but shows off the amazing talent of Jeffrey and his allstar band. Read a review here and pick up a copy soon.
  • Get ready! This CD features an amazing live performance entitled, Jerry Reed "Live! Still!". Read my review here.
  • Interested in knowing more about an exciting new country performer? Meet Lance Christopher. Read a review of his freshman release, "Saved By A Woman" here.
  • Ready to listen to some traditional country? Kate James and Lost Country are one terrific country band. Get a glimpse of their new CD "HomeWrecker, HeartBreaker" here.
  • Who is Steve Kilpatrick? He happens to be an undiscovered musician of expert skill in Lansing, MI, who has recorded his own release, "Westside Crop Circles". Read my review of Steve Kilpatrick's freshman release here.
  • What is "Political Pop"? It happens to be a collection of great music by the, "Matt Angus Thing". Can a candidate for Congress write and perform great music? Yes! Read my review of the Matt Angus Thing.
  • Albuquerque New Mexico has become a haven for many talented musicians. One very interesting local favorite, "Alpha Blue", is bound to gain national attention with their new release, "Agave Summer". Read more about Alpha Blue and experience their very unique musical journey.
  • A Canadian musician, Eric Westbury, has released a terrific recording. His ability to write and deliver stories via his voice and guitar will have you enjoying his work more and more with each listen. His new CD is a wonderful roots rock recording. Read my review of "Burnt Tongues & Blue Truths" here.
  • Brighten up a gloomy day with Lisa O'Kane! Her voice will deliver spine tingles as she takes you on a musical journey with her new CD. Read my review of "Peace Of Mind" here.
  • Ready for something new? Try the Slant 6 Cowboys on for size. Their unique style of bluesy country rock will win you over. Read the review of "The Slant 6 Cowboys" CD here.
  • I love Midwestern bands. The new release from The Melroys is fun, entertaining, and shows that they are expert at their craft. Rock mixed with a little twang and a big grin. Point your mouse toward my review of "The Melroys" here.
  • Mark Balletto is a Chicago based musican and is internationally known for his lead guitar work in Dolly Varden. In his new solo effort, My Record Player "Come Around", Mark reveals more of his talent and shows us he can do it all from writing, directing, producing as well as performing. Check out the review of his solo flight "Come Around" here.
  • Looking for a bright new star in courty music - look no further, Anthony Michael James is here. In his new CD, "Old Friends" he proves you can be the new guy on the block and still have all of the seasoned style. Read more about "Old Friends" here.
  • Black Oak Arkansas and Krokus have one thing in common... Andy Tanas! Since his association with those bands, Andy has been working on a solo career. His latest release "Songs From The New South" will make you an instant fan if you are not already familiar with his work.
  • Brooklyn NY is the home of American Ambulance. No - not the emergency response team - unless your emergency is a need for great music. Their CD release "Stray" is a terrific collection of songs from this unique band.
  • Canadian Greg Hobbs is a terrific singer songwriter. His satirical yet humorous approach to his lyrics and his expert songwriting will have you looking for all of his releases. Read about Greg's new CD "Threats And Promises" and find out more about this great performer.
  • Sammy Sadler finally has a CD on the charts. What makes this CD so special beyond the fantastic music is the amazing story behind it. Read about Sammy's "Hard On A Heart" and you will agree, it is a country music treasure.
  • Jaco Pastorius was a trend setting bass player. He invented many techniques that form the basis of many bassists' styles today. Many feel despite his untimely demise, he is still unsurpassed. I wholeheartedly agree! Read about the 2-CD new release, a Portrait Of Jaco - The Early Years that has been meticulously compiled, edited, and assembled by Bob Bobbing, a close personal friend of Jaco's and a fellow musician. You will find it captivating.
  • Looking for something different and unique? Try Mucho Buddha's new release, "Dragonfly". They are a captivating blend of world music and four musician's ingenuity. Give the review a read and link to some samples of their tunes.
  • If country flavored rock is your cup of tea, you will especially enjoy Randy Thompson's new release, "that's not me". Randy's songwriting and musicianship are exciting, clever and fun to listen to. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I have and am.
  • Visualize the acoustic blues played with two guitars, bass, percussion and harmonica all extraordinarly played. Now realize it is just one musician performing. Steve White is a remarkable multi-talented one-take one-man-band. Read my review and get ready for Steve White!
  • Imagine a unique blend of rock, blues, Latin, Caribbean, and a bit of jazz with a southwestern approach and you have got a good start on what Civitas is all about. They heat up my speakers to a fever pitch at every listen.
  • Combine funk, jazz, rock, folk, Zairian rhumba, Kraut-rock and Latin rhythms and you might start to envision Chemystry Set. Read about this San Francisco based band. They are quite unique and fun to listen to.
  • If Americana, rock, and Texas country sound like a great blend... Scott Gibson "Make Ready" is just the ticket. Read more about this amazing singer songwriter [and terrific bass player] in my review of his latest release.
  • Blues from Montana? The Jared Stewart Band hails from the Billings, Montana area and he and his band are creating high energy blues you have got to hear. Read about their new release, Indian Summer.
  • Meet Dave Isaacs - guitarist, songwriter, singer! Dave Isaacs is a performer in two different bands as well as a solo artist. His new CD will quickly be a favorite. Read my review and pick up your own copy soon.
  • Like your music with a wide smile? Big Al Downing is a legend with his 50 years of performances and recording. His music crosses many boundries including country, R&B, blues, and more. Read about Big Al Downing and then enjoy his CD.
  • The Mickeys are identical twins! The Mickeys are 20-something twins who have been singing and performing since they were four years old. Their debut performance is unique and enjoyable. With a unique blend all their own fusing pop, Celtic, folk, bluegrass, with a bit of country - they will win you over with a single listen!
  • Kenny Butterill is a Canadian songwriter that deserves attention as a performer. His talent as a songwriter is well known in the industry and his ability to deliver a strong musical performance has been clearly established with his past CD, "No One You Know" [link to this review below]. His new CD entitled "Just a Songwriter" is a further progression and highly enjoyable!
  • Meet Chuck Pyle a singer-songwriter who is equally skilled picking his guitar.
  • Check out my review of legendary Hank Cochran's new CD release "Livin' For A Song". He is the king of country music!

  • Past Music Reviews

  • Read about and then give a listen to the Canadian artist - André Lefebvre with a unique keyboard based release entitled "Les Terres du Coeur Heartland Diaries" here.
  • Here is something completely different from all music I have reviewed. Read my review of Thoth's CD, "The Herma" here.
  • Here is a great country artist to listen to - Wade Vincent Root. Read my review of his new CD, "Bed Of Roses" here.
  • Check out the Piners! They are a unique blend of folk, country and more.
  • Enjoy a Mystic Shake! They are a unique blend of folk, rock, carribean, and humor.
  • Have you heard Kenny Butterill? This Canadian is very talented. Take a peek at this short review of his new CD.
  • Lyrics and licks come together on the new Jeffrey Halford and the Healers CD. This San Francisco musican and his musical troop will get you moving and listening as they provide some of the freshest roots rock around.
  • Are you ready for some stellar guitar shredding on dueling nylon string Wechter Pathmakers? Listen to David Martone and Navid Nikbakht on their release Synesthesia.
  • Remember listening to the great songs by Seals and Croft? Dash Croft is back and you can read about his new release here.
  • Canadian artist Colin Linden has released the amazing "Big Mouth". Read my review of it and then pick up a copy of it for yourself!
  • Here is a collection of my past reviews.

  • Live Performance Reviews

  • 1 night only EVEN3 & Margo Jean! EVEN3 the Chicago based band and the Tuscon based Margo Jean and the Rubes teamed up for 1 night only at Tracey's Tavern in Westmont, IL.
  • Are you ready for something very different? How about a band whose sound is derived from songs written about black cowboys of the American old west with little or no recognition but played to a reggae beat? Niche enough? Meet the Reggae Cowboys! You will not be disappointed.

  • Arranging A Music Review

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