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Visit Audiogrid.com for audio links, music reviews, guitars, manufacturer tours, and audio downloads.

What to expect here...

There are several links on the left of this page to allow you to navigate to all of the site. The "Audio Etc" area features downloads of freeware and trial software related to audio as well as online calculators for audio projects. The "Audio Related Site List" is a link to our extensive audio link list which is updated every morning [or more often some days - grin]. Give it some time to load - it is quite large. I have considered breaking it up into individual pages but the daily editing nightmare that would result for us keeps with with the single page. The "Guitars and more" area links you to a fun gallery of guitars and more that have passed through our hands at one time or another. The "Manufacturer Factory Tour" area links you to a page of links to tours of factories we have visited - mostly audio or video related manufacturers. This area will continue to expand however, we will be removing some of the older tours as the products are no longer relevant. The "Music Reviews" section links to a list of both recorded and live performance reviews we have posted. Enjoy your tour around the site!

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