During the track, "Long, long day", you first hear the amazing energy of Wayne Cochran and The CC Riders. Then Wayne's raps are accompanied by Jaco's sensitive fretless melodies and harmonics. Here, you can also appreciate the dynamic arrangement and the guitar work of Charlie Brent.
     Jaco's close friend and pianist, Alex Darqui, talks about how Jaco would wake up in the morning and warm up on the acoustic bass. This recording showcases Jaco playing his custom 5-string acoustic. He goes on to explain how Jaco would also love to play from his Bebop songbook. Jaco would sight read the songs and would play the melodies over and over. You hear Jaco working through the tune "Dexterity". If you listen close you can hear Jaco breathing and birds in the background behind Jaco's open mike recording.
     Trumpet player, Ira Sullivan, explains how Jaco really wanted to play with him, but Ira's response was that he really didn't like electric bass with acoustic piano. Jaco commented back that he heard that about him, but said that he was out to make this non-instrument, an instrument. After finally hearing Jaco, Ira realized that he was definitely into something new. You'll hear Jaco's original ideas unfold into what would eventually become "
Continuum" [circa 1973].
     The track of the tune "
Mr. Clean" demonstrates the synergy between Ira, Jaco, Alex and drummer Bobby Economou. Ira goes on to talk about how Jaco became a beacon for generations of musicians, calling Jaco "the shot heard around the world."
     Willie "Little Beaver" Hale confesses that he initially felt that there was no way this young white kid had enough experience to be able to play funk. Jaco quickly turned Beaver's thinking around with his funky one take performance. The tune, "
I can dig it baby" illustrates that Jaco definitely had enough experience. Jaco nailed the track in one take and was paid $20.
     The first disc ends with a short intermission stretch conducted by a school teacher named Mr. Simmons.  This was taken from one of Ira Sullivan's elementary school concerts with Jaco where Mr. Simmons instructs the children to "Touch the Sky."
     Disc two opens with Jaco and Bobbing having a casual discussion about harmonics. Jaco the teacher, demonstrates his favorite chords and techniques. The date is 1974 and it's clear that Jaco has memorized the location of every

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