note and harmonic chord on the bass.
     During a performance at Bachelors III, you hear the Peter Graves Orchestra playing "
Between Races". It includes a mini bass concerto by Jaco as well as a rapid "swingin" bass line throughout. 
The landmark recording of "
Domingo" is played after you hear an explanation of how Jaco wrote this soulful tune on a children's piano. It was recorded after hours at the Bachelors III club and later remixed at Criteria Studios in Miami. Domingo is the first professionally recorded Pastorius original.
     The Herbie Hancock tune, "
Wiggle Waggle" is performed by the same band and you will be amazed by Jaco's funky staccato bass lines throughout the song.
     Othello Molineaux, steel pan virtuoso, tells the story of how his group auditioned at a club where Jaco was playing. The steel drums intrigued Jaco and he and Othello started playing together. He wrote the song "
Opus Pocus" for the steel drums and you can hear them playing together on this recording.
     During the off hours at Criteria Studios, Jaco began to record his original compositions. Drummer Bob Economou reminisces about the demos. The track of "
Balloon Song" illustrates their work on these sessions.
     Joe Zawinul tells the story of how he met Jaco. Their first meeting was a very unusual one with Jaco introducing himself as the "world's greatest bass player." The cassette tape that Jaco played for Joe the following day is revealed here--it was the 1974 demo recording of "
     You now hear Jaco and Bobbing at Bobbing's home talking about bass strings. Jaco gets excited and states that he has tried every string and that "Rotosound has 5,000 times the sound, and tone--long good tone."
     Next is a live recording of the tune "
All the things you are" featuring Jaco, guitarist Pat Metheny, and drummer Bob Moses [circa 1975.]
     Pat reminisces about hearing Jaco for the first time in the fall of 1972. He heard Jaco play "Domingo" with Ira Sullivan's Bakers Dozen Band. He later played with him on a Peter Graves gig at Bachelors III. They quickly became friends and found many common interests in exploring music. In the background you hear the Pat Metheny Trio at a live gig at Pooh's Pub in Boston, MA. You hear a beautiful solo by Jaco punctuated by Bob's drumming and Pat's guitar work along with the interplay between these talented young artists. Pat continues to

Othello Molineaux--steel pan virtuoso

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