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     When I met Thoth, we were both in an airport waiting for plane to travel to Las Vegas. Thoth was on his way to meet up with some folks from the Cirque Du Soleil to consider joining the renown performing group. We had a relatively short conversation. I asked him about his musical performance [noting the violin case he was sporting] and he told me he was a performer that did solo-operas and foot drumming. I was intrigued. I mentioned that I was an avid fan of music of all forms and did Internet reviews of music and music performance. I mentioned that if he ever had a CD released, he should forward me a copy. Thoth reached into his backpack and handed me "The Herma--The Life And Land Of Nular-In" ACT II [ACT I--III a three-part set] and smiled saying, "I am into it--here is a CD." We parted ways in the airport, but after diving into his music and his performance, I wished I had had the opportunity to witness his solopera.

     The disc is a prayerformance [a description courtesy of Thoth] and a story that takes place in a mythical land called The Festad, which Thoth has written about since childhood. Thoth appears live in both formal engagements and walkabouts [free gigs where he shows up and performs with or without prior announcement]. In these prayerformances, he plays violin while dancing and performing percussive augmentation with his foot work. He also sings in three ranges of operatic voice from soprano to baritone. All of this while traveling on his feet at what is reported to be at breakneck speed. His garb is unique and looks like it would certainly draw a crowd before he even got started with his music.

     To describe his CD, I will first have to say that his musical ability is top notch. His prayerformance is so unique, it cannot be compared to any other musical form with the possible exception of an opera. Thoth begins each work by telling a very short story to set the stage. Then in a language all his own, he begins to sing in the many voices that make up the story he is telling. His violin and foot drumming set the musical stage and the prayerformance continues. At first listen, I was too in shock to really listen to the music [I didn't know what to expect and the work was very unique]. After listening through The Herma several times, I began to really appreciate the ability of Thoth. I find this to be a CD that must be listened to several times to begin to really appreciate it and only really enjoyed fully as a complete work in one sitting. I urge you to listen to Thoth and try to see one of his performances if ever possible.

~ steve ekblad audiogrid.com


The Herma--The Life And Land Of Nular-In

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