The Mickeys, Amy and Julie Mickey, are identical twin sisters who perform a unique brand of music fusing folk music, Celtic, bluegrass, a smidge of pop, topped off with a touch of country. Ok, the concept of identical twin sisters brings to mind a couple of questions… Since they are identical twins, does one sister sound different from the other? For that  matter, who is singing on which song? Frankly, I have no idea and can't tell. Their publicist, Martha Moore, informed me that they trade off on lead vocals throughout their performances. I certainly could not track the changes - they sound identical. What I can tell you is that The Mickeys will double your musical enjoyment with their first release, "Finding Our Way".

      The Mickeys have been singing together for years. Their early years were spent singing acapella in church choirs and in theatrical productions which nurtured their ability to sing flawless harmonies. They both have earned degrees in Business Administration and Music Business and have used these added skills to create their own label and their first CD. At twenty something, they are heading to the top of our industry.

     "Finding Our Way" is an 11 song CD featuring their tight crystal clear vocals. Their choice of backup musicians and recording/production techniques allows their amazing voices to shine through. They have chosen a simpler studio approach and made a decision to get closer to their actual performance style by limiting the production gimmicks and placed a focus on quality of recording and musicianship. The recordings have a lifelike quality and their voices, solo and harmony, are revealed with a natural purity.

     Standout tracks include "Smoke and Mirrors" with a accompaniment styling similar to the Wilson sister's in the early days of Heart. The twin's pristine lead vocal and harmony ride on top of a pop sound with beautiful instrumentation and tasty fills. Their voices track harmonies with awesome and beautiful precision. The ballad, "Dixie Wire", features the close harmonies of the twins. They maintain their harmonies while singing very difficult stylized returns. "Before You Are Home" features a bouncing Celtic backing with beautiful fiddle accents. Amy and Julie tell the story of a woman who's love has left her to travel with an unfulfilled promise to return. "My Train" has a pop feel with a country flair. The superb recording featuring piano and harmonica on top of a tight rhythm with tracking harmonies and answering voices of Amy and Julie. "I Want To Talk To You" is a beautiful tune about a lover wishing that they hadn't told their love to leave in the heat of an argument. Answering responses and harmonies create a beautiful song. After the last song, "Rainman", the CD ends with a surprise--a very authentic sounding cowboy cry of "Yee Haw" and the crack of a whip.

     You can read more about "The Mickeys" and listen to samples of each song on their new release at their web site. Their new CD is a wonderful performance and I look forward to hearing more from them and hopefully hearing them perform at a live venue. Pick up a copy and enjoy! ~ Steve Ekblad

The Mickeys CD band includes; Drummer - Steve Holland, Drummer & various percussion - Andy Behrens, Banjo - Wanda Vick, Bass - Dow Tomlin, Bass - Mark Coradetti, Keyboards - Gene Rabbai, Acoustic & Electric guitar - John Foster, Mandolin, Fiddle, & Dobro - Wanda Vick, Harmonica - "Jelly Roll", Guitar - John Albani, Guitar - Kent Unruh, and Vocals - Amy & Julie Mickey

The Mickeys--Amy Mickey on the left and Julie Mickey on the right

Copyright Steve Ekblad 2003

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