nova's LOUNGE

     NFL star Ian Allen is not only a professional football player, he is the composer and performer of an album of contemporary instrumental music. At his 6' 4" stature at 310 pounds of football competitive performance, you might be tempted to only think of Ian as a football player... When you examine his obvious talent on this freshman release, you begin to realize the scope of this man mountain's musical talents. His is amazing at both of his passions. He attributes his early influences to his mother who performed on the flute using the alias, "Nova Angel". His record company, Nova 53 is named in honor of her impact on his music.  Ian's music is created using digital instrumentation which allows him the flexibility of  controlling the texture to the pace.
     The CD open with "
Welcome" a smooth rhythmic tune using percussion, drums and keyboards accented with voice-like fills and  a very deep and satisfying bass drum. The effect is quite pleasing allowing you to drift within the feel as you listen. Ian, voice welcomes you to the Nova Lounge and 53 records.
     Another favorite is "
In Sync" which echoes keyboard influenced riffs back and forth as it weaves a rich deep bass line through its relaxing beat.
At Night" reminds me of Yusef Lateefs "Psychicemotus". The loose but rock steady bass--slippery and sliding creates the backdrop for a series of sonic textures to reside on top.
Kaberia" drives with a pusating but smooth feel. Multiple keyboards lay the texture on top with synthesizer fills.
     The exotic feel of "Soho Movement" uses an oriental synthesizer sound similar to the ancient shamizen. A complex drum sequence and layers of sonic textures will excite your sonic and physical senses [lots of deep bass].
     This recording is a terrific first effort and delivers unique combination of jazz, electronic and hip hop in a style that is obvously Ian's own. I highly recommend a listen to Ian's groove. You can sample some tracks here. Visit his record label online at Next time you see Ian at his other passion, develop a respect for the genius he exhibits in sports and in his music.
     ~ Omega Sales Inc  -