noah harrison
songs for a long night

     Noah Harrison takes a musical journey. It is a man, pen and paper, and his guitar. Noah wrote the material on his first release and recorded these songs over just two days in the studio. There is a freshness to the performance that is found in a live setting.
Windows" opens with a guitar strummed in an open tuning style that feels like it is new and ancient at the same time. There are overtones of Indian raga and at the same time and inviting folk style. As his voice joins the guitar, the feeling of the recording space becomes apparent. Noah's singing is an extension of the musical mood his guitar has created with each word calculated to join the strings in harmony, melody, or accent.
     Noah performs "
Wash" in solo voice without accompaniment. Choosing just a few notes for the song he manages to micro tonally  create interest for the listener.
Roots Lullaby" features finger picked guitar and a breathy rising and falling vocal. Ashley Dentremont joins with subtle breathy backing vocals. Noah's poetry in lyric takes on additional emotion as inflection and dynamics impact the words.
     In his performance of "
Lulling Breeze", Noah effectively uses the guitar and his voice to create the feeling of the wash of a breeze as it swells and falls away.
     Softly finger picked guitar sets the stage for "
MotherBrother". Mike placement and mixing give an extra dimension to the words of the song.
     Noah plays a regular schedule of live performances on the Northeast coast. Check his web site for more information. You can purchase "songs for a long night" here for only $6.99--it seems like a bargain! This artist is just beginning. His first release is a promise of more things to come. You can give Noah Harrison a listen here and here before you invest in his CD.  I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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