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     Lisa O'Kane has a remarkable voice on a par with the greatest performers in the country music industry. She has terrific delivery with an uncanny ability to adjust the microtone of her voice to that perfect blend with the instruments supporting her voice. Her songs will tingle your spine! Her new release, "Peace Of Mind", is a wonderful work. Here are some highlights:

     "No Tomorrow" is a bouncy country rocker that opens the CD with twang guitar over a great backing beat. Lisa's voice floats on top. Edward Tree delivers electric and baritone guitars with precision and ease. The song wouldn't be the same without the locked backing of drums--David Raven and bass- Bob Glaub. Strong support of the melody comes from B3 player, Skip Edwards. The refrain, love me like there's no tomorrow, will ring in your head for hours after listening.

     With swamp sounds, eerie drums and slide acoustic guitar, "Foggy River" transports you to the place you need to be to feel the heartbreak in Lisa's voice. With just a few notes and words, Lisa puts you right with her on the foggy river of lost love.

     Get your quick step going with "Settle Down" as Lisa and company deliver up a story of a gal looking for love. You are treated to some terrific flat picking [Mark Fosson], bright fiddle work [Gabe Witcher], and mandolin extraordinary [Tom Corbett]. As Lisa tells the story of chasing for a man, she puts laughter in her lyrics remembering how she  sidestepped a personal ad response.

     "Peace Of Mind", the title track written by Lisa and Mark Posson [guitars], has a beautiful message in the lyrics and song. It's a special song that gets you listening over and over to the lyrics and her vocal delivery.

     The beautiful ballad, "A Room Up For Rent", reveals the diversity of Lisa's voice. This performance would be as happy on Broadway as this country inspired album. The simple accompaniment of Fosson's guitar and Richard Dodd on cello make this song come together.

     "Softer Place To Fall" has radio play written all over it. Chimey guitars with accordian [Skip Edwards] back Lisa.  "Coercion Street" is a slow tune that lets Lisa's voice shine with backing vocalist Teresa James. Edward Tree's Dobro work with Skip Edward's B3 play a tasty treat at the break.

     The CD closes with the haunting "Highland Ground". An Irish Whistle [Kathleen Keane], and Celtic drum [Tom Mooney on bodhran], accordion and harmonium [Skip Edwards], and an upright acoustic bass [Steve Nelson] create the backdrop for the sweet voice of Lisa. She tells the story of love on the highland ground.

     Drop by Lisa's web site [lisaokane.com] and you can sample some songs, see some photos, and see her calander of appearances. I urge you to give Lisa a listen--she will reward you with many hours of pleasurable listening! ~ steve ekblad audiogrid.com

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Lisa O'Kane

Lisa in Nashville, TN

Lisa O'Kane "Peace Of Mind"