Lance Christopher began to craft his career as a songwriter and a musician while he was in his teens. His time in the military expanded his experiences and he met the love of his life. He went on to organize and play as a minister of music for a local church. During this time he wrote many songs both Christian country and congregational. All of this prepared him for this impressive release. The CD release is also a bonus for computer users. It includes multi-media material, photos, MP3's ready for use, bonus songs, and more along with the full CD music presentation. The songwriting and performances on "Saved by a woman" reveals the remarkable talent of Lance Christopher. I was immediately engrossed in the performance. Here are some of my favorites from the disc:

     The CD opens with "Baby We're Gone", a nice little tune about taking a tropical vacation. Lance's songwriting skills are immediately apparent as he stirs up mental images in the listener of the scenarios described in the lyrics.  Keyboard, guitar, bass and drums make up a an intricate rock influenced country backing. Notable is the instrumental minutia in the background that adds to the texture of the song as they build with every verse. Production values are very high quality on this CD.

     The title song, "Saved By A Woman", is a tribute to his wife, Michelle. This pretty song features violin, slide guitar, and mandolin as supporting instruments to well placed guitar. Lance's voice shows a softer side that adapts perfectly to the message of the tune.

     "It's Been A Long Time Coming" tells the story of a convict's release. A slow pretty song with acoustic guitar and slide acoustic guitar building the backdrop. Lance's storytelling voice grips the listener and pulls them into the song.

     The medium paced country rocker, "You Were Too Cool", has air play written all over it. Twangy guitar kicks off the song underpinned by pedal steel, acoustic guitar, and perfectly balanced and articulating bass and drums. Lance drives the vocals with enthusiasm and rides on top of male backing vocals.

     "Echoes Of Emily" ties a bluegrass feel to a country tune. Lance tells the story of a beautiful daughter making the struggle of a single parent's effort all worth while.

     The jazz influenced country song, "Heaven Gets Down", invites the listener to appreciate the imagery created by Lance's passionate and sincere voice. A nice slide resonator solo takes the song out.

     The beautiful, "She Lost Him In The War", is a slow tune featuring Lance telling the story of a soldier who has difficulty adapting to his civilian life.

     The production quality, the look and feel of the disc and multi media materials, and the quality of the performance belies the freshman release of Lance Christopher and is more in keeping with a journeyman's peak performance. I highly recommend giving Lance a listen. Drop by his web site and listen to some samples and order up this great performance for your CD collection. Listen to Lance's message of peace, his warmth of presentation, and enjoy a CD you will listen to again and again. Keep an eye on this performer for an opportunity to hear him live! ~ steve ekblad