Since his first record contract at age 17, Jerry has been an in-demand performing musician. His energy level seems to have no end and is extremely contagious! His latest release, Jerry Reed "Live! Still!", is not only his first greatest-hits-live CD, but also captures the enthusiasm in his performance and shows the response from his loyal fans who were there for this show. Featured on the live performance are Jerry on vocals and gut string and electric guitars, Ms. Priss on keyboards and rhythm guitar, Bobby Lovett on electric/gut guitars and 5-string banjo, Mark Thorton on acoustic/electric guitars, John Riffe on drums and backing vocals, Mike Bush on bass, Jerry Roe on percussion, and Hargus "Pig" Robbins on keyboards. The live feel of this recording while keeping quality high is a testament to the art of recording today. You will be transported to the venue! Some of my favorite cuts include:

     The CD opens with "Guitar Man". From the flanged guitar start with Jerry setting the stage, the guitar chops start and never stop. This fast paced song features the story of the guitar man's performance history with twanging Nashville guitar everywhere.

     The painfully true tongue-in-cheek "Father Time and Gravity" tells the woes of getting old and losing that youthful appearance. Jerry pokes fun at the audience suggesting he sees some folks out there that can relate to this. The images Jerry creates with flapping skin and sagging body parts are nothing short of hilarious. The crowd loves it!

     The favorite, "Amos Moses", starts with some swampy guitar and Jerry setting the stage with the story of where the song starts. Crisp guitar and bouncy rhythm combine to keep your foot tapping as you imagine this unique character.

     "She Got The Goldmine [I Got The Shaft]" tells the story of a marriage and a painful divorce. Gerry tells the tale over twanging country guitar, a tight bass/drum backdrop and backing vocals. As Jerry says, "it sounds funny but it hurts too much to laugh". The fans go wild!

     "Lord Mr. Ford" changes it up with an acoustic guitar backed story of gas guzzling automobiles. The backing vocal team takes a larger role providing the chorus and more. Bobby takes a great guitar solo.

     With a tribute to Chet Atkins. "Jerry's Breakdown", shows the guitar man's expertise. Fingers a-flying, Jerry shows why the name the guitar man is his own.

     The Nashville styled, "A Brand New Me" , tells the tale of Jerry's experience with being born again in a country church. It features an inspired finger picked guitar solo.

     Don't miss this truly amazing recording! It is a landmark recording of Jerry's finest moments. You can read more about this at R2K records and sample some of the songs. Pick up your own copy ASAP. This recording is highly recommended and will bring years of enjoyment to your ears! ~ steve ekblad

Jerry Reed LIVE! STILL!