In the next recording you hear Jaco and his children, John and Mary, having a playful impromptu jam session. John is playing the drums while Mary is playfully singing. Jaco is on piano. At the end of the jam you hear Jaco echo a vocal that Mary was singing by whistling in perfect pitch along with his piano. He found a unique idea in Mary's playful song and was developing the idea on the fly.
     Joe Zawinul recalls that when Alphonse Johnson announced that he was leaving Weather Report, he began interviewing bass players….Then he ran into Tony Williams who suggested that they get Jaco. Taking Tony's advice, Joe and Wayne contacted Jaco to play on the song, "
Cannonball," and check him out for the band. Joe recalls how Jaco was trying to impress him by playing very busily. Joe told him to relax, and play lines like he did on Continuum, with that beautiful tone. He said what happened then is what's on the record. Wayne and Joe liked Jaco's spirit, so Jaco joined the band. Joe remarks about how Jaco's improvisation was a master's work, and that Jaco, Wayne, and Joe were like a triangle. Joe continues by emotionally declaring that Weather Report with Jaco was the greatest band ever!
     Herbie Hancock explains that he first heard Jaco when he was handed a cassette by a student of his and was totally blown away. Shortly there after Herbie had the chance to meet Jaco, and was thrilled when Jaco invited him to play on his first record. The arrangement of "
Kuru/Speak Like A Child" illustrates the brand excellence they would become known for whenever they played together throughout the years. Herbie goes on to say that Jaco was a genius, always creating, and one of the greatest musicians of all time.
Las Olas Farewell" is the last tune on the album and again features Jaco and Herbie Hancock together. Here Jaco sings the entire melody to "Las Olas" himself. Initially a work tape given to Flora Purim to demonstrate the melody, this intimate performance was never meant for release.
     Bob Bobbing, has done a remarkable job of combining interviews, archival recordings, photos, and print to create this exclusive look back at Jaco's musical evolution. And unlike most boxed sets, POJ is loaded with exclusive never-before-heard music. This CD is a must have in any music lovers collection. Take a visit to Bob's web site,,  and don't leave without ordering your personal copy of "Portrait of Jaco." You will treasure this recording and marvel at the genius of Jaco! Thanks Bob!   ~ Steve Ekblad

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