Portrait of Jaco
"The Early Years"

     If you are not already a fan of Jaco Pastorius, this historic two-CD boxed-set is about to convert you. For those of you who are avid fans of Jaco, the "Portrait of Jaco" will absolutely delight you! This unique musical adventure brings to life the early creative years of Jaco Pastorius in pictures, text, spoken words, and music. His lifelong friend and fan, Bob Bobbing, has dedicated several labor of love years to producing this early years anthology that for the first time provides a comprehensive look back into the events and music that led up to Jaco's ground breaking solo debut on EPIC. It is simply remarkable! For those of us who are blessed enough to play musical instruments, we have always marveled at his original approach and ultimate musicality. Now we can see what influences and experiences led Jaco down the path to his own unique and revolutionary musical style. This two-CD set includes an 80-page booklet featuring many rare or never-before-seen photos and a detailed blow-by-blow description of milestone events as they take place. It is the ideal visual companion to your audio excursion through this 'Portrait' of Jaco's early years.
     The first CD opens with the ambient sounds of Jaco's early years neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning. At first you hear only the crickets chirping, but the serenity is soon displaced by the ground swell of a freight train making it's way through the intersection at Old Dixie Highway and 38th Street. Amazingly, this is the very railroad crossing that Jaco heard countless times before during his youth from his early years home in Oakland Park, Florida. Here the train provides the perfect introduction to 'Portrait' and segues directly into "Barbary Coast," Jaco's first original composition upon joining Weather Report. This unusual sequence is all part of a production that now features the spoken words of Jaco himself as he welcomes the listeners to his old neighborhood in Oakland Park. Jaco continues by saying "I was raised by the best musicians in the world, and I know where I stole every, note!" It turns out that these spoken words were taken from the last recording of Jaco before he died in September of 1987.

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