I have had the pleasure of reviewing "Hunkpapa" by Jeffrey Halford in the past. I was immediately excited to have the opportunity to experience his latest effort, "Railbirds". From the first song to the last it is another interesting composite of wonderful talent and great songwriting.  Combine an already excellent team with the likes of guests such as Augie Meyers [Hammond B3 and Vox Continental organs], Chuck Prophet [guitar and backing vocals] and others, you have one standout musical experience captured on a CD! Some favorite tracks include:

     The CD opens with "Denial". Jeffrey's acoustic guitar and distinctive voice. The song gains stride with Jim Norris on drums, Paul Olguin's bass, and Rich "Golde" Goldstein's outstanding and tasty slide guitar work. The song begs a repeat play each time.

     The mellow "South Of Bakersfield" showcases Jeffrey's vocals with the intricate assembly of words and note. Guest performer, Adam Rossi, weaves the piano into the musical backdrop adding to the texture of the tune while the brilliant guitar work of Golde reigns supreme.

     The raucous "Rent To Own" burns it up with revved up guitar, Augie on the Vox Continental, and the whole band running hard. Jeffrey hits it hard with the opening line, "She had a pushbutton transmission" and never stops. I am on my third consecutive play!

     The funky and slinky "Halfway Gone" slithers and slunks with Augie's keyboards, Chuck and Golde's guitar and the precision of Jim and Paul driving the beat. Jeffrey asks, "Tell me, what went wrong?" with a slide slither after each question mark.

     Blues stride inspired "Nine Hard Days" gets your foot tapping as Jeffrey and backing vocals burn up the notes. An inspired guitar solo precedes a vocal bridge by Jeffrey. Trey Sabatelli hits the drums hard!

     "Purgatory" opens with percussion and swampy guitar and vocals. Jeffrey tells you that "You can justify your story down in Purgatory". Drums and tambourine create the beat and electric guitar and bass float on top.

     Wah guitar and blues inspired leads splash on top of driving drums as "Jump Into The Fire" evolves. Augie and the band team up for some slinky and shaking rock with Jeffrey in the vocal fray.

     The dreary "Out On The Run" changes it up with a slow bluesy tune followed by the rocking "Carmalina" complete with sliding blues guitar.

     I have to urge you to run to your nearest CD store or jump online and get your own copy of Railbirds. It is sure to please. If this is your first exposure to Jeffrey's work, you need to read my previous review of Hunkpapa and pick up a copy of it as well! ~ steve ekblad audiogrid.com

Jeffrey Halford