Dash Croft's "Today" is a brand new release on Nuance Records. Dash turned 60 years old this year [August 14th] and he is still creating wonderful music. "Today" is full of songs with meaningful lyrics,  pristine mandolin work, and amazing accompaniment by some of the most talented artists anywhere. I found myself struggling to write this review because each time I listened to the CD I found new things to consider and enjoy. It will live in my CD rotation for a long time.
     The songs range from a jazzy arrangements to rock and roll and even instrumental fare. There are old Seals and Croft songs given a new sound via new arrangements and modern recording capabilities. I particularly enjoy his mandolin work. He uses a unique technique atypical of most mandolin artists. It is clean, on time, and inspiring. The instrumental "Tree of Life" shows off Dash's mandolin dexterity.
     Dash's voice has matured over the years. His tenor voice is clean and yet warm with a tonal balance that is particular to he and perhaps John Anderson of YES. It sets his vocal styling apart from the crowd.
     Louie Shelton, Nashville performer/arranger/producer/guitarist extraordinary performs and produced this CD. His fingerprint is easily recognizable on the CD and lends additional excitement to the tracks. Also, Lua Crofts, Dash's daughter, provides vocal accompaniment on several songs. Don't miss this one--you will enjoy it thoroughly! You can sample some of it here--www.nuancerecords.com.

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