Chuck Pyle is a most interesting performer in several ways. He has a very honest passionate voice. He combines an alluring ability to pick his guitar in a unique style and combine it with excellent songwriting. The triple combination reveals an ease that makes difficult performance seem so natural and easy! Add a superior recording quality to the mix and you have one amazing CD release. At each listen, I find new things to enjoy in his work. There are many textures to enjoy as he works with very talented sidemen on this work. The entire project was recorded and mastered in the state he calls home, Colorado. He funded his year and one half project through a partnership called the "Zen Cowboy Woodshed" where investors speculate on the CD's success and if sales are good, they reap a profit in the end. They will not be disappointed. Folks will want to hear this new CD! Chuck is a multi-release artist with this being his 7th CD. He has also released a songbook entitled, "Keeping time with Chuck Pyle".

     The CD's title track, "Affected By The Moon", opens with beautiful acoustic guitar picking followed by a strong bass line and brushed drum kit. Chuck's jazzy counterpoint picking is quickly complemented by his smooth honest voice. They are joined by violin creating a melodic complement. The song reveals the description of two lovers captured in the momentum of their love for each other. The violin solo contrasted with Chuck's jazzy plucks creates a thing of beauty.

     "7 Hillside Road" has a flavor in composition and performance similar to Randy Newman's style. Perhaps the guitar and piano performance ties that all together for me. It is a great song with beautifully picked guitar while the piano layers a great accompaniment right behind it. Chuck tells the story of a man who returns home to his town. He feels the emotions of the past as he reminisces about the way things were in the past.

     "Blue Train" is a toe-tapping song with a slide fretted and finger picked resonator guitar accenting Chuck's guitar. A haunting beat leaves you with the impression of the rolling train. Massed harmony voices back Chuck's voice on his chorus and verse lines.

     Beautifully arranged, his "If Not Now" , bounces along with guitar, bass, and percussion with floating ascending and descending accents from pedal steel guitar. A suitor asks his lady if not now, then when….

     You almost feel like you are rocking slowly in the saddle with the "Outlaw's Dream". Chuck creates a rhythmic feel with is slowly but steadily paced picking. Additional cowboy voices build a traditional feeling yet very original cowboy's lament.

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A western troubadour and  his Breedlove guitar

Chuck gives us a grin for the camera