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     "Inside Of My Face" is a haunting funky song about the psychoanalysis of one's own mind . He asks, "Anybody know any psycho feng shui?" and warns "Intruder Alert!".

     In the clever tune "Why Pretend", the story of a man who can't forget his past lover is told. It is an easy to listen to and a well written song that lets Chuck do what he does best--sharing the emotions of life in a song that you can really feel and understand through his musical interpretation.

     Rocking with steady beat, "Laurie Ann" relays the slight swagger of a southern belle who temps her beau to return to the south. He recalls the pace and beauty of life in the south listening to her sauntering drawl.

     The beautiful ballad, "Romancing The Moment" suggests that two lovers just let go and not worry about forever. Chuck's honest and melodic voice interacts with his balancing picked guitar. Accents are offered by a violin accompaniment.

     The piano, keyboard and guitar accompanied "I Love You Back" is a warm song about feeling toward another. It has a Bruce Hornsby-like arrangement. It shows the flexible style of Chuck and could easily be a top 40 hit with airplay.

     Pedal steel and a cowboy feel accent "I Think I'll Go To Texas". Funky piano and a driving beat communicate the traveling mood of a trip being planned to take an enthusiastic journeyer to Texas. He is coaxing his lover to travel there with him and take a chance.

     "Cowboy's Christmas Dream" and sounds just like it came from a classic Gene Autry film. It is a little tune about a young man's dream imagining himself as a cowboy.

     At the end of the listed tracks is an instrumental song, "Spank" that features Chuck's finger picked guitar. It is sure to please as he spanks the strings!

     Not only is this a treat to listen to--I think it is a must-have recording. Please be sure to check out Chuck's web site at chuckpyle.com. Tell him an appreciative listener sent you!

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