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Miles experience. It is nice to see Buddy continuing to work and record bringing his own style and feel to R&B. Get funky with Buddy!

Reggae Cowboys "Rock Steady Rodeo" Tumbleweed Records TR5812

Another release from the Reggae Cowboys! I had the opportunity to see these guys live just before getting this new CD to listen to. Their recorded and live performances are both fun to listen to, a great time, and musically exciting! Their steady reggae beat explores more of their original cowboy-theme oriented material plus a cover of Dylan's, "Like a Rolling Stone" [it was meant to be reggae] and a Bob Marley song, "Redemption Song". The band has tightened up even more since their first recording ["Tell The Truth"] and has also stretched out to include some more of their great soloing. This CD is produced by lead guitarist and vocalist, Bird Bellony. When asked, Gully Clarke, the RC bassist, tells me that we have only begun to hear what Bird's guitar work will become. I agree, I love those western Reggae licks kicked with soul and a splash of Jimmy Hendrix! This is one of the most enjoyable CD's you could own--go have fun, pick-up on the Reggae Cowboys today!

The Hang Ups "So We Go" Restless/Clean 89279-2

Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, the Hang Ups are a straight forward pop band with a smooth and original sound. Before hearing this CD, I had the pleasure of enjoying them in concert at Schubas in Chicago. In this small and intimate venue, you could really hear the finer qualities of their playing. This quality comes out on the CD and shines through on the pop flavored mix. Vocals and rhythm guitar are handled by Brian Tighe, Jeff Kearns lays down the bass,  Stephen Ittner drums, and John Crozier plays guitar. Everyone stretches a bit and tries their hand filling in on other instruments throughout the CD with success. These guys have their own sound, pop but like no others. It is an easy to listen to disc that gets you humming along. Personnel have changed a bit since this was recorded. The Hang Ups are a great live band and I would suggest getting out to see them if you get the chance. 


I am a sucker for a deal so I often visit the bargain bin.  I am including some $1.99 treasures! Here are a few of the recent findings that I am cruising with:

Hardware "Third Eye Open" Black Arc RCD 10304

Hendrix isn't dead, he just inhabited the souls of Hardware! Steve Salas [guitar, vocals], Bootsy Collins {space bass, vocals], and Buddy Miles [drums, fuzz bass, vocals] make up this power trio from NYC. This 1992 release was in the cutout bins for $1.99! I don't know how I missed this one the first time around but it is a must-have!

Michael Urbaniak "Cinemode" Ryko RCD 10037

This Polish import is known around the world as one of the finest violinists in jazz today. He is also a virtuoso on keyboards and saxophone. This disc is a solo project that is a complete expression by this artist. All of the songs, the instruments, and any synthesizer programming was all Michael's effort. Again I have to ask, "How did I miss this one?" This superb recording is only $1.99 in the bargain bins and it is DDD!

Larry Goldings "The Intimacy of the Blues" Verve 314-514059-2

Larry plays a mean Hammond B3 in the Jimmie Smith style. If you like big jazz organ, this disc has it! Joined only by a guitarist and a drummer, Larry plays the pedal bass lines along with coaxing the Hammond into smooth jazz tones. David Fathead Newman sits in on two songs adding saxophone. A true bargain at $1.99 again!

Dennis Robbins "Born Ready" Giant Records 7599-24543-2

I caught Dennis Robbins first CD release "Man with a plan" in the bargain bins and here is another. This country artist is a guitarist, singer, and a songwriter. This Nashville based country artist reminds me of both John Anderson and Alan Jackson. He belts out his songs and picks a mean guitar. He is surrounded by fine musicians including Leland Sklar [bassist extraordinary - called the human-fur-ball by Linda Ronstadt!]. Another bargain at $1.99 that can enhance your CD collection! Dennis, I would have paid full price!

This is all for now, but check my changer every month, I will be hitting the racks again [you know it!].