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dolinist, Charles Higginson. Together they perform a variety of classical selections. The recordings are pristine and offer a strong stereo stage [would we expect anything less - They were monitored on Martin Logan ESL's!]. This recording is unique and offers a great demonstration opportunity to show off the mid and high qualities of any speaker. If you want a copy, contact Jeff at Martin Logan and I am certain he will be willing to sell you one mail order.

Psychograss Windham Hill Records º1934-1132-2

This disc is the work of Darol Anger and Mike Marshall joined by Todd Phillips and Joe Craven. You might recognize Darryl Anger from his various teamings with David Grisman, the renowned creator of "Dawg Jazz" or mandolins just having fun outside of their bluegrass traditions. Darryl is multi-talented artist with expertise in mandolin, violin, cello and more. Combine his talents with Mike's prowess on guitar and other stringed devices, the percussion of Jow Craven, and the string bass of Todd Phillips and you have Psychograss. This CD when played on the finest speakers will reveal its fine recording quality. Lower cost systems simply will not reveal the fine details of these acoustic performances. Or try this disc on a fine set of headphones and you are in acoustic heaven! If you are acoustically inclined, get this one for your collection! Have you ever heard the song "A Whiter Shade of Pale"? This is a hidden vocal treat on this instrumental recording!

Gustavo Santaolalla "RONROCO" Nonesuch 79461-2

This impressive recording was a gift from a friend, Ted Peterson. He was so taken with it, he bought a copy for me. It features beautiful instrumentals performed on charango, ronroco, maulincho, pipes, tin whistle, harmonica, guitar, guitarr
Ón, vibraphone, and melodica. The songs could be classified as "New Age" but I prefer to think of them as not, rather as beautiful reditions of folk songs. They inspire visions of far away places and another time when things were much simpler. Sometimes they are simply romantic and carry you away into your thoughts. All in all, Gustavo and his fellow musicans, Anibal Kerpel and Jaime Torres have created a disc that is beautiful and unique. I recommend this disc to inspire your creative thoughts and escape from the hum-drum of the daily grind!

Jeff Black ""Birminham Road" Arista 07822 188372

Have you ever looked at a disc performed by an artist who is unknown to you and just had that feeling it was a disc you needed to own? This disc hit me just that way and I was very happy to have followed my instincts! Jeff Black has composed 12 tracks that vary from rock to soft story telling songs. Jeff is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. His tunes will hold your attention for their lyrics as well as their melodies. Jeff and his back-up artists play with enthusiasm and expression. Favorites include the title track "Birmingham Road", the haunting "Noah's Ark", and "That's just about right".  I suspect you will be hearing much more from Jeff. I find myself listening to this disc over and over without getting tired of any song. This disc is a must have!

Afro Cuban All Stars "A Toda Cuba le Gusta" Nonesuch World Circuit 79476-2

This recording is a unique opportunity to listen to music that is not readily available to listeners who have little or no access to Cuban artists. The recording brings together four generations of Cuban artists for the first time in a studio in Havana. They have recorded a repertoire of old and new songs that are truly classics. The recordings will expose the range of performance and breadth of skills of these talented artists. Lead vocals are provided by some of the great soneros who have been popular and performing since the 1950's.  A brass section from Havana's celebrated Tropicana Orchestra brings excitement to each number. Hot rhythms and infectious beats abound in this music. You will find yourself lost in the complex performances each soloist contributes between vocals. An added feature is the addition of Ry Cooder playing superb guitar on Alto Songo". Ry and the folks at Nonesuch have made this a reality for us to enjoy - buy it and enjoy the show - you won't stop listening for a long time!

Rubén Gonzalez "Introducing Rubén Gonzalez"
Nonesuch World Circuit 79477-2

Rubén is a legend in Cuba and this is the first time in his 50 years of performing that he has been recorded as a solo artist. He has played alongside the greatest names in Cuban music. He was born in 1919 and graduated from the Cienfuegos Conservatorie at the tender age of 15. From that point forward, he focussed on learning every song he could. His playing style is inspiring and simply amazing. He doesn't own a piano since his gave in to the tropical weather and died a slow death of worm and rot. He constantly is in search of a piano he can play for an hour or two. Arthritic pain that would normally keep another pianist from even thinking of performing doesn't slow him down, his chops are exact, precise and inspired. He plays a variety of music on this disc and every song is a treat. Listen in amazement and meet, Rubén Gonzalez, pianist extraordinary.

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