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     One of my favorite Midwestern bands, The Melroys, perform "Bring Back That Cadillac". I had the pleasure of reviewing their first CD release and this cut is very reminiscent of their performing style. Bouncy and dripping in surf influenced rockabilly guitar they get your foot tapping right away.

     Blues artist Bob Halperin belts out "Should Be Driving A Cadillac". Slipping up and down the neck with his slide guitar, he creates a rolling down the highway feel.

     Alternative Country artist, Rosie Flores, tells her story of the Caddy in a rockabilly styled country swing tune, "Cadillac Ranch". Honky tonk piano and rolling steel guitar compliment Rosie's little-girl country vocals.

     Jim Lauderdale revisits Mr. Cash's "One Piece At A Time". He tells the story like it was his own.

     Chaz Depaolo rips it up with "Cadillac Baby" in his own unique style. He describes his as decked with chrome and fuzzy dice and made for cruising.

     "Cadillac Forever" by Ottomatic Slim suggests that the owner loves his Caddy so much it will be his final request to be buried in it. Ottomatic's harp compliments this tune perfectly.

     "Cadillac Assembly Line" tells the story of leaving a girl behind to work in the Caddy factory. George Kelly is a very accomplished slide guitar player and ranks among the best. He plays some great solos and fills on this tune.

     Monster Mike Welch tears it up with "Cadillac Blues" as he plays and sings the blues with total abandon. This slow blues tune drips with sweaty blues guitar.

      "Ain't Got You" by Little Milton, tells how he has a big fine Cadillac but he ain't got you. Little Milton wrings beautiful blues notes from his guitar while his gravelly smooth voice croons the tune.

     Singer songwriter Todd Thibaud, tells his Caddilac story in "My Daddy's Cadillac". Todd tells the story of a memory of love with a girl in a Caddy flushed out with acoustic guitar and bass. Todd's harmonica solo provides a nice addition in the song.

      These 21 tunes comprise a wonderful tribute to the Cadillac. This is a great sampler of these wonderful artists as well. I suggest you get in your own Caddy and motor down to grab a copy to enjoy for yourself. If you don't own a Caddy, well, you just might be thinking about one after listening--grin.

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