When I was contacted by Liz Winchester of Red Haired Girl Publicity about a CD whose content would be dedicated to songs about the Cadillac car, the concept immediately brought to mind some of the classic Caddies I have seen in my days. I had just ridden in a recent year Caddy a few days earlier and was impressed with how they had maintained that feeling of luxury with all of the competition from every other manufacturer. Then it hit me, how many songs are about cars? Aren't the majority about Caddies? Wow--what a great idea…! Liz told me I would have fun listening to it because there would be a few artists I really like on the disc.

     The disc is impressive! "Fins, Chrome and the Open Road" A Tribute To The Cadillac is a highly entertaining disc and captures the many impressions the Cadillac has made on the musicians who participated. It opens with the big band sound of Mr. Nick's Blues Mafia performing "Look at that Cadillac!" A fully loaded horn section with rockabilly guitar and pace tells the story of buying a big black Cadillac. They really swing it and the sax solo enhances the Cadillac feel with it's luxurious sound!

     "Cadillac Mama" by David Maxwell featuring Kim Wilson and Nicole Nelson is a slippery blues tune featuring David's blues piano along with the vocals of Nicole crooning "I want a Cadillac Babe--You know what to do". Backed by a tight rythym section, tuneful distorted slide guitar, and a mean harp [Kim], Kim [vocal] promises to finance that Caddy.

     Maria Muldaur presents her take on the Caddy with "Solid Gold Cadillac". A jazzy guitar and brushed drums over a string bass build a great song. She gushes over how she and her man would look in a gold one!

     "You're My Cadillac" rides the road with a nicely paced rocker featuring dueling bluesy guitars--slide and picked. Nanette Workman tells how the Caddy affects her loving.

     "Ride" by Tom Gillam is a rocking tune describing an Eldorado Cadillac he is about take his girl out in. Tom is an excellent slide guitarist as well as vocalist and he rips up a great slide solo on this tune. You will especially enjoy this track if you liked any of Tom's other CD's--see my review of Tom's "Shake My Hand" release.

     The Sidewinders rock-a-boogie down the highway with "Slick Black Cadillac Daddy". Influences of rockabilly and blues along with a dose of rock and roll are seeded throughout this track. Guitarist Dan Peters lets loose with a terrific solo in the middle surrounded by great vocals and backing.

     "Brand New Cadillac" by Canadian blues performer, Bob Walsh, is a spirited blues tribute to the Caddy. Bob belts it out with sizzling guitar, harmonica and hot horn backing.

     Walking the blues, Charlie Musselwhite tells the story of "Mighty Fine Crusin'". In his unique voice he trys to persuade a gal into his Caddy. Charlie rips it up with his harmonica solo. His tone is like no other!

     North Carolinian Robin Rogers sings "Caddy Daddy". She tells the story of hiking down the highway and getting picked up by her Caddy daddy. Acoustic and electric guitar along with a solid electric piano, bass and drums solidly back her. The walking surf blues sound in a minor key is perfect.

     Saxophonist/vocalist Jimmy Hall [former front man for Wet Willie] lends his own tribute to the Cadillac with "Cadillac Tracks". This humorous bluesy tune tells the story of a missing Caddy. Jimmy provides the ideal backing of saxophone along with a smoldering guitar by band mate Jimmy Breau.

     W.C. Handy award winner [4 times], Rory Block, performs "Don't Touch My Caddy". A smooth country blues influenced tune romances the Cadillac. Rory shows her guitar proficiency along with her vocal expertise.

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