Remember the thrill you got when you first listened to JJ Cale's or Mark Knopfler's music? You were taken by the songs and transported to a different place. Stories in their songs were emphasized by their voices as clear as someone speaking the story yet melodic. Combine the effortless but engaging instrumentation and you were hooked.  Get ready, Kenny Butterill has arrived. From the first track to the last--that feeling is back!

This Canadian raised musician is a wonderful singer songwriter. He prefers not to play live shows and is much more comfortable writing than traveling to perform. Thanks to his brand new CD, "No One You Know", he is now someone you can hear and enjoy. Kenny sings the vocals on this CD

while adding acoustic rhythm guitar. He is joined by Peter Morrison on guitar, mandolin [2 songs], and bass with Daoud Shaw on drums and percussion [Daoud also engineered and co-produced this CD] and a few other guests. The songs are very memorable and well recorded and I plan to listen again and again. Say Kenny, how about one tour to Chicago--please? If live shows are out, how can you find fault with a musician who has "Thanks For Listening" next

to his photo under the CD storage tray in the CD's jewel box? You can visit Kenny's site at and read more about this talented Canadian artist. Meanwhile, order up a copy and enjoy a wonderful treat.--Get back to music here.