André Lefebvre is a Canadian artist with a unique keyboard based release entitled "Les Terres du Coeur Heartland Diaries". André 's fans span the world market so he has chosen to title his CD in French and English as well as provide liner notes in both.

     Classifying André 's music is difficult. One might be tempted at a glance to classify it as "New Age" but a closer look and a listen will reveal a style that crosses into classical, rock, and more. I contacted Andre after visiting his personal website and asked to review his newest release.

       Once it hit my CD player, I listened to the entire CD over and over. I am fortunate to capture an hour of listening time each way in my work commute which afforded the time to listen to the entire work at each listening session. The CD is a accumulation of many months of travel [from Montreal to Kelowna to Winnipeg] and writing by André .

     I will attempt to describe a feeling invoked by this album by saying, imagine an artist who is able to look deeply into themselves but so deeply that they can look out and admire the world that surrounds them and reveal this experience to us through their music. This is the element of André 's music that is so appealing. I find myself engaged in admiration of his music but at the same time able to reflect beyond the music itself. A particular favourite is "Send The Rain" which has haunting instrumentation reminding me of ancient cultures and today at the same time.

     Having visited the spots that André has traveled while writing the music for this album, I think he has visited some of the most beautiful spots on the Northern Continent if not the world. I try to imagine some of these while listening, especially Kelowna--a city built on the banks of a pristine lake surrounded by the Canadian Rockies.

     I highly recommend purchasing and enjoying André's album. He is an artist that brings out the best in his listeners and evokes a smile and a tear. Thanks André!!

     PS: You can get a sample of the disc or buy your own copy at

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